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The medium-sized smartcell is based on our highly successful cooperations on solar powered mobile phones. This form factor can fit into a wide range of devices while providing 40% more power than the smallest model. Let your imagination run free because now you can power almost anything with free, renewable solar power.

Based on our state-of-the art SunBoost3 technology platform, we have developed an easy to integrate solar module for portable devices: Smart Cell. This module combines high-performance solar cells with the latest generation of Intivation’s award winning boost converter technology to provide a fully optimized plug-n-play solution to power a range of electronic devices using natural light.

Smartcell has three core advantages:

Easy integration

This is by far the easiest way to make your device solar powered, all you have to do is connect the SunBoost3 Smart Cell to your battery and you’re done – no additional electronics needed.
And no more sourcing, testing and qualifying components, we’ve taken care of all that. The SunBoost3 Smart Cell comes in three standard sizes, fitting a broad range of applications and can be made to measure upon request.

Superior performance, maximum flexibility

Smart Cell modules are fully optimized for maximum performance. And we’ve used the best mono-crystalline cell with an efficiency of more than 23%, ensuring a very good charge current, even indoors and in low light conditions.

Best quality

Thanks to a maximum degree of automation quality is guaranteed, regardless of quantities. All components on the Smart Cell are tested before, during and after manufacturing to ensure a very high quality, saving you time in sourcing, manufacturing and QC.

Like all our products, this Smartcell has embedded Maximum Powerpoint Tracking so that it will generate the maximum possible output in all circumstances.
With its tiny form factor, this cell can be built into the smallest of devices.
charge controls and safety features 
We provide our vast experience to all of our clients to help develop the best possible solution. 
Our advanced software enables many additional features for an optimal solution.
We provide our vast experience to all of our clients to help develop the best possible solution. 
Our standard Smart Cell solar cells are all backside-connected, so you’ll see none of those white lines. 
Coloring of the solar cell is possible, and we can even make them in different shapes. 

Key Metrics

  • 23.4 cm2 cell surface
  • 63.0 x 37.2 mm cell size
  • 67.5 x 41.0 mm module size
  • 350 mW typical output power
  • integrated charge indicator
  • open data API

Spec Sheet

A spec sheet of this product is available on request.
Please contact Boele de Bie if you would like to receive one.



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