We develop highly scalable solutions for efficient energy harvesting, applied in consumer electronics like mobile phones, chargers, RC’s, or keyboards, accessories like watches and charging cradles, lighting, and smart grid applications like wireless standalone sensors and transmitters.

We have developed a close working relationship with all of our clients, and over the span over almost ten years we’ve emerged as the expert in the field of micro-solar applications. Our experience, highly specialized domain knowledge and broad range of applications in the market allows us to operate as a development partner, helping our clients develop the best possible solution.

Here you’ll find more information about our proprietary and award winning technologies, as well as possible fields of application.


The most versatile solar boost converter

We have condensed everything we learned in the past years into a suite of solutions, designed to provide optimal functionality for your specific set of requirements.

With SunBoost3, we are moving beyond supplying an IC and engineering advice. Built on top of our new core technology, Sunboost3 offers a much wider range of choices that are easy to work with, offer superior performance and simplify manufacturing too.

Smart cell

The plug ‘n play solar module

Based on our state-of-the art SunBoost3 technology platform, we have developed an easy to integrate solar module for portable devices: SunBoost3 Smart Cell.
This module combines high-performance solar cells with the latest generation of Intivation’s award winning boost converter technology to provide a plug-n-play solution to power portable consumer devices using natural light.
Whether you are developing a solar powered mobile phone, media player, outdoor lighting or a battery pack, the SunBoost3 Smart Cell range of solar modules will make your product development easier, reduce engineering costs and manufacturing risk, simplify your logistics, improve product quality and it will give you the world’s best solar charge.

Smartcell comes in three sizes, designed to fit a broad range of devices: Small, Medium, and Large. Custom sizes are available upon request (subject to MOQ).