Have a look at some of the product and ideas that have been realized with our technology

Solar powered controls

Image never replacing batteries again In our digital lifestyles we use devices like remote controls, keybooards and computer mice all the time. And who hasn't experienced the agony of one of the running out of power at night while you're out of spare batteries? No more need. Several manufacturers have started Read more →

Solar mobile charger

Intivation SunBoost technology enables you to build solar mobile chargers and solar battery packs that charge wherever, whenever. Well, during daytime of course. As we continue to become more and more mobile, the modern road warrior has an ever growing need for power on the go. A portable battery pack is Read more →

Solar mobile phone

In partnership with Digicel and ZTE we launched the world's first solar powered mobile phone in 2009, to great acclaim. This product has won awards from GSMA, Global Telecoms Business magazine, and Accenture, and went on to sell in over 32 countries across the world. Since then, we've developed phones with Read more →