We work with the world's foremost companies to manufacture and distribute our technology

Kaga Electronics

Distributor, Japan

Since its foundation in 1968, Kaga Electronics, as an independent general trading company specializing in electronics, has expanded its business operations based on our customers constantly shifting needs.

Kaga meets the demands of our customers in four business areas:

  •  Electronic parts and semiconductor business that provides world-class parts from around the world,
  •  EDMS business where we support everything from high-mix low-volume production of parts to assembly,
  •  Information equipment business in which we market PCs and peripherals as well as develop network solutions,
  •  New businesses where we develop software, devices, and video for the amusement software industry

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Distributor, Hong Kong/China

Founded in 1992 as a regional distributor of integrated circuits and components for RF devices, C-MAX today is an experienced electronics solution design and component distribution company with core competence in advanced technological trends for a global client base, primarily focusing in radio controlled time sychronisation technology, radio frequency communication technology, and eco-friendly low power consuming components.

A two-time winner of the Hong Kong Award for Industry – Technological Achievement Award, C-MAX continues its dedication to cutting-edge technology.

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Distributor, Taiwan

Mostyle Corporation was established in 1992. Since the very beginning, to support best quality products, offer professional services, and keep the promises to customers is its assurance. It recognizes need of customers and changes of the market, and responds the whole message to suppliers. As being an effective bridge between customers and suppliers, it treats them as its coeternal partners all the way through.

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CNC Global

Distributor, Korea

Founded in 2006, CNC Global is an IT Marketing service provider, Sales Representative and Distribution for Electronic products and business items like CMOS Image Sensor, Actuator Driver IC, Acoustic Component, Wireless Power Solution, Solar-Cell, Wireless Accessory, etc.

CNC Globals’ Mission is to offer the best solution and full satisfaction with constant effort regarding;

1) Customer-Oriented
– Devoted to customer’s benefits with accumulated knowledge through HUB System
– Stable and steady partnership

2) Human-Oriented
– Ingenious and innovative approach with passion as a Challenger
– Cooperation with respect and acceptance among members

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EM Micro

Production, Switserland

EM Microelectronic is a semiconductor manufacturer specialized in the design and production of ultra low power, low voltage integrated circuits for battery-operated and field-powered applications in consumer, automotive and industrial areas. The company has 35 years experience in the design of IC processing analog and digital signals simultaneously.

Their product portfolio encompasses RFID circuits, smart cards ICs, ultra-low power microcontrollers, power management, LCD drivers and displays, sensor and opto-electronic ICs, mixed-mode arrays and standard analog ICs. They manufacture not only standard circuits and ASICs, but also system solutions and modules for a broad range of device applications. Production happens in-house facilities or is outsourced to leading semiconductor foundries.

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